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If the study shows that açaí berry extract is effective, it will prevent the most harmful symptoms associated with this potentially fatal virus.

Canadian researchers are analyzing a food, the fruit of the açaí palm, in their search for a treatment for the most severe symptoms of coronavirus, one of them announced on Monday.

“It’s a simple test,” said Michael Farkouh, from the University of Toronto. “But açaí berries are inexpensive and readily available to everyone, they are safe, so it’s worth a try,” he emphasized.

Farkouh and his colleague Ana Andreazza, who has been examining the effect of the fruit on the inflammatory response for five years, decided to test its effectiveness against Covid-19.

Previous studies have shown that extracts from the berry of this palm native to Central and South America can reduce inflammation.

As the pandemic of the new coronavirus spreads worldwide, experts point out that the virus can cause acute inflammation and lead to health complications.

For their research, Farkouh and Andreazza recruited about 580 patients who tested positive for coronavirus in Canada and Brazil, where the palm is cultivated.

Half of the patients received doses of the investigational drug, and the other half received a placebo.

The hope is that early intervention with berry extract, if proven effective, will prevent the most harmful symptoms associated with this potentially fatal virus, Farkouh assured.

The study is expected to last 30 days, and its results will be revealed by the end of 2020.

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