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At Natur S.R.L., we specialize in food freeze-drying, an advanced technique that preserves the quality, flavor, and nutrients of products. We offer a wide range of freeze-dried foods, from fruits and superfoods to industry-specific solutions, adapting to the needs of global companies.

Our Innovative Products

Our freeze-dried products span categories such as fruits, superfoods, and options designed for the pet food sector. Each product is crafted to maximize nutrient retention and flavor, meeting the quality demands of our B2B customers.


Supplied in powder form, in BioPP metallized bags, with a shelf-life of up to 24 months.




We provide white label solutions that allow companies to offer freeze-dried products under their own brand. This service includes customized product development, ensuring that it fits your brand identity and values.

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For more information about our products, white label services, or distribution opportunities, please contact us. We are ready to collaborate and contribute to your company’s success with our high-quality freeze-dried solutions.

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