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Who We Are

Natur S.R.L. is a company dedicated to the field of freeze-drying, a high-technology process for food dehydration at low temperatures, with minimal changes in color, flavor, texture, and primarily in nutritional characteristics, maintaining nutritional values unchanged.

Pillars of Natur S.R.L.

Natur S.R.L. is built on the pillars of product innovation, social responsibility, fair trade practices, and sustainability. These pillars not only guide our daily operations but also reflect our commitment to quality, the environment, and the communities we collaborate with.



Quality Control

Corporate Social Responsibility

Mission, Vision, and Values

Drive healthy nutrition through high-quality freeze-dried products, maintaining a strong commitment to sustainability and fair trade.


Be global leaders in freeze-dried food solutions, constantly innovating to exceed the expectations of our customers.


Commitment to quality, continuous innovation, integrity in our business practices, and promotion of social and environmental responsibility.


Innovation at Natur S.R.L.

Innovation is at the core of Natur S.R.L. We adopt emerging technologies and conduct rigorous quality controls to deliver products that exceed the expectations of our B2B customers, while also maintaining a strong commitment to positive environmental impact.


We have 6 different certificates that validate the product quality.

Happy suppliers.

We have a strong commitment to making all our suppliers feel like family and ensuring they know they can count on us to improve.

Family Natur

We are a family that strives to always preserve excellence.

Our Plant Team

The plant team of Natur S.R.L. is essential to our success. Comprised of highly skilled professionals, from engineers to technicians, each member brings their expertise to ensure the efficiency and quality of our freeze-drying process.

Natur's Administrative Team

The administrative team of Natur S.R.L. plays a crucial role in the strategic direction of the company, ensuring alignment with our values and business objectives while fostering strong relationships with our customers and global partners.

Connect with Natur S.R.L.

To explore how our freeze-drying solutions can benefit your company, or for any inquiries regarding our processes and products, feel free to contact us.

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