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Corporate Social Responsibility and
Fair Trade

At Natur S.R.L., we integrate social responsibility and fair trade at the core of our operations. We strive to create a positive impact by ensuring ethical practices in all our activities and fostering sustainable development within the communities we work with.

Our Collaboration with the Porvenir Community

Our collaboration with the Porvenir community exemplifies our commitment to fair and sustainable trade. Through this partnership, we support local agriculture and promote economic development, while also ensuring high-quality products for our customers.

Contribution to the Development of Vallegrande

Our intervention in Valle Grande focuses on empowering small-scale farmers through access to international markets and the implementation of sustainable farming practices. These actions strengthen our supply chain and underscore our commitment to fair trade.

Impact on the Rio Blanco Community

In Rio Blanco, we work hand in hand with local producers to promote sustainable agricultural practices. This collaboration not only improves the quality of life for farmers but also contributes to biodiversity and the health of the local ecosystem.

Join Our Sustainability Mission

If you would like to learn more about our CSR initiatives or explore collaboration opportunities that foster positive social and environmental impact, please contact us. At Natur S.R.L., we are dedicated to building a fairer and more sustainable future.

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